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Horizontal Talent's AI matching engine thinks like a recruiter. It doesn't see candidates as a string of keywords - it assesses them as humans with career trajectories to score the best overall matches for your role.

Ready to give AI matching a try? Review our formatting tips below or download an example template.

Upload a job description

We accept .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF up to 10 MB.

We do not accept scanned documents, images, or job descriptions containing images and/or icons.

How to optimize job descriptions for AI matching

What to include

  • Job title

    • Write in sentence case. (Capitalize the first word of each sentence and proper nouns.)

    • Keep job titles generic.

    • Don’t abbreviate - spell out the full title.

  • Location

    • Is your job based in a specific location? Follow this order: City, State, Zip Code.

  • Requirements and skills

    • List requirements as bullet points (not paragraphs).

    • Include hard skills only. (No soft skills - e.g. emotional intelligence)

  • Experience

    • Two options - either write out “Requires 7+ years of experience” or “Requires 5-10 years of experience.”

    • For education, only include the minimum requirement. (Example: Bachelor’s degree)

    • For management experience, only include the minimum number of years required.

Example job description

Talent Board Match | Job Description Example

What not to include

Unlike resumes, job descriptions don’t tend to follow a universal format - making them trickier for AI to accurately score. To get the best possible matches, we recommend you omit the following information:

Company name or overview
Company culture
Insurance and benefits
Background checks or testing

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