5 Questions With a Consultant: Stephanie C.

by Horizontal Team

Jun 16,2021
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There isn’t just one type of person who is cut out for being a consultant—it takes all kinds of people to keep the gig economy flowing through businesses. If you’ve only ever worked as a full-time employee, you might have a lot of questions about contracting. And if you don’t personally know a contractor, those questions might remain unanswered. Until now! In our new blog series “5 questions with a consultant” we’re getting five of your questions answered by some of the top consultants in our ecosystem. Read on and drop us a line if there are other questions you’d like to know the answer to! 

Stephanie C.
Specialty: Lead UAT Engineer
Location: Missouri 

How did you get into contract/consultant work?  

It’s how I was able to break into the IT field. I got my first QA job that way 20+ years ago. 

What are some of the biggest assumptions you made about contract work before you became a contractor, and how does the reality compare?  

That it would all be short term placements. Some have been short term placements, while others turned into being converted [to full-time]. It has ended up being a great way for the company to get to know me, and me to get to know them. I also thought that there would be a cost for me to use a recruiter, but it has never cost anything. 

We hear a lot about how the gig economy is the future and that within the next several years the number of contractors is going to increase. Why do you think contract work is becoming more popular? 

It is a way for companies to see if the person will be a good fit, and for the contractor to see if the company is a good fit for them. 

What’s something you would tell people who are considering working with a recruiter for the first time? 

If you want more information up front about the company and the position, then a recruiting firm is the way to go. They will help you in your job search and find the right place for you. But do your research on the recruiting firm, and make sure they are doing what they are doing not just for the money, but to truly help find the right place for you. 

Any tips for newbies on selecting the right contract? 

Don’t be scared! If you are working with the right recruiting firm, they aren’t going to abandon you when the contract is over. Remember that you are test driving the company before getting locked into them, just like they are test driving you. If you end up not liking the company then you always have a recruiter that is going to help you find another placement. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s also a great way to build up your resume without looking like a job hopper, and the skills you are getting are only going to help you move forward. 

Also, I would like to add that I have been impressed with this recruiting firm! You all are so about the people they are placing, and that has been a treat. The follow-up that I have received from you all in the short time I have been with you all has been incredible and so much more than I have gotten with any other firm. I am looking forward to my relationship with you all.  Also, I would like to say that my only wish is that I found this firm a long time ago. 

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