Mass Media Tech Company Expands UX & Design Teams

Our partnership

Since 2014, Horizontal Talent has been a Strategic Product Development and IT Staffing Partner for a multi-billion-dollar mass media and tech company. With over 26 million customers, this mass media company demands talent with the right experience, expertise and mentality to thrive within their business and culture.

Their need

This mass media company needed a staffing partner to expand their user experience (UX) and design teams. During their search, they found that many staffing suppliers didn’t understand the UX/UI industry or its talent landscape. This gave Horizontal Talent a chance to stand out. Thanks to our sister company, Horizontal Digital, we understand the unique skills and proficiencies required to be successful in the digital field. Based on our UX/UI expertise and Horizontal Digital’s portfolio, this mass media company decided to partner with us.


Understanding this mass media company’s business, technology stack and office culture was pivotal. With elevated hiring standards and an intense interview process, we needed to provide them with the perfect candidate every time. In addition, 50% of what they were looking for related to culture fit. In a fiercely competitive job market, we needed to find candidates with precise skills and the ability to smoothly transition into this company’s UX and design teams.

Our solution

Over the years, our Denver-based recruiting team has become extremely good at finding and screening candidates for this company. Our recruiters meet each candidate and spend quality time with them. They also share important information about the mass media company’s business and culture to ensure a suitable match. From initial emails and phone calls to in-person meetings, each interaction is closely evaluated. Our ability to find the right candidates has helped us become a highly trusted staffing partner for this mass media company.

Their benefit

Horizontal Talent has carved out a key role in building out this mass media company’s UX practice. Our hands-on approach to finding candidates and consultants who can seamlessly integrate into this mass media company’s UX and design teams has proven to be effective. To date, we’ve placed over 60 consultants in their product and development departments. By bringing this work in-house, our client has enjoyed significant cost savings. 50% of our consultants at this media company have gone on to become full-time employees.


Because of our ongoing success in this mass media company’s contingent labor staffing category, we’ve been added to their direct hire staffing program. We can’t wait to take on this new challenge.

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