Retail Enterprise Transitions into Digital Economy    


Our partnership

Horizontal Talent has been supplying high-caliber talent to one of the nation’s largest retailers for over a decade. We’ve become a Top 3 Preferred Staffing Provider for this retailer thanks to our ability to move quickly and supply top talent: user experience (UX) designers, web developers, marketers, IT engineers and more.

Their need

When online shopping began to take over the brick-and-mortar business model, this retailer knew they needed to evolve to stay relevant. This meant emphasizing their .com business, investing in new technologies and updating their e-commerce applications.


In 2009, Horizontal Talent connected with a hiring manager who needed help UX, front-end development and digital analytics consultants. He found that other staffing agencies did not have a solid grasp of the .com business and were not producing adequate candidates.

Our solution

Thanks to our sister agency, Horizontal Digital, we knew exactly what type of talent this retailer needed. This was a domain we were already living and breathing in. We understood the intricacies of retail and ecommerce systems and their corresponding marketing efforts. When we started sending over candidates, the retailer was quickly impressed—they were finally getting the talent they were looking for.


Eventually, our consultants took over the role of hiring managers for this retailer. That’s when our partnership really started to thrive. Because of our instant success within the .com space, we were engaged to supply talent across their entire organization. In 2013, the retailer decided to trim their supplier list to nine vendors. Horizontal Talent made the cut and we’ve been a top three supplier ever since.

Their benefit

To date, Horizontal Talent has placed more than 300 consultants with this client. We’ve supported them throughout major transitions and have helped them become relevant in the digital economy. With expert recruiters and veteran account managers dedicated to supporting their business, this retailer knows they can count on us to deliver the exact talent they need in a highly competitive market.


Seeing our consultants thrive within this company has been extremely rewarding. We’ve seen Horizontal Talent administrators become executives, project coordinators become program managers and front-end development consultants become senior-level software architects and directors of development.


Our partnership continues to prosper. Our teams continue to innovate and kick off new projects. We look forward to working alongside this retailer throughout future transformations and day-to-day operations.

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